We have finger lickin’ good BBQ that is slow smoked everyday!

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Think you’ve had BBQ? Think again!

We use a real wood offset smoker with a wood combination of oak and pecan to smoke all of our meat. We slow smoke all the prime cuts of meat to perfection every day, and if that isn’t enough, it is paired with homemade sauces and homemade sides. Imagine the combination of a tangy, spicy vinegar based sauce of North Carolina on a perfectly smoked Blue Ribbon brisket. Or maybe it’s the zesty South Carolina mustard sauce on a pulled pork sandwich. Then there’s the Carolina, Texas Trinity that has the best of it all. It is Curly’s signature platter that has succulent Carolina style pulled pork, tender Texas brisket and meaty pork ribs. As we like to say, “This is a true marriage of Carolina and Texas”.

Aside from the award winning BBQ, Curly’s Carolina, TX BBQ has great southern hospitality and a casual dining atmosphere, which means you can feel fine about licking the sauce off your fingers..and we know you will!!

Our History

Every region has its own spin on BBQ. The reality of Carolina Style BBQ in Austin, TX arose from residing in the Kentucky, Tennessee and Carolina regions for more than 40 years. After moving from Raleigh, NC to Austin in 2011, my wife and I quickly realized he could not find the BBQ taste he grew up on and loved. Thereby the idea of Curly’s Perfect Pig was born.

In 2013, Curly’s Carolina, TX was born, bringing the same core values to the brick and mortar that were followed religiously on Curly’s Perfect Pig Food truck. Simply put, every customer deserves a 5 Star experience on every visit. Got a hankerin’ for some delicious BBQ? Take a road trip to Carolina, TX…Y’all!